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Neuro – The first cochlear implant system from Oticon Medical

This first cochlear implant system from Oticon Medical combines best of hearing instrument and cochlear implant technologies. The Neuro System consists of an innovative new implant, and a unique approach to sound processing.

Oticon Medical introduces the Neuro System – an innovative new cochlear implant system that supports the most advanced sound processing for a better listening experience. This is the first cochlear implant system to carry the Oticon Medical name and it benefits from the company’s strength in implantable technologies with more than 100 years of hearing expertise and decades of practical experience and knowledge in cochlear implants.

An ultra-compact and powerful implant

The ultra-thin and compact shape of the Neuro Zti implant has been adopted to make surgery as simple and safe as possible. The implant is designed to be robust and reliable and can be adapted for high tesla scanning, such as MRI.

The Neuro Zti implant features an entirely new internal chip design that is flexible and powerful enough to work in combination with current and future advanced sound processors from Oticon Medical.

Once connected to the sound processor, Neuro Zti’s powerful technology platform lets users enjoy the full variety of sounds around them in the highest quality. And as new sound processing technology becomes available, the future-proof Neuro Zti implant allows users to upgrade so that their system can continue to deliver an unparalleled hearing experience.

Neuro One – built for better understanding

For most people, each day brings new listening challenges, and for a cochlear implant user, it is important that the sound processor is able to adapt to these different situations. Using Oticon’s advanced technology, Neuro One constantly analyzes the surroundings, and automatically adapts to changes in listening conditions.


Neuro One offers different advanced sound processing technologies:

Whatever the environment, Neuro One’s exclusive coordination concept draws on the technology needed in that situation to enhance listening and speech understanding. The end goal is to empower users to achieve better understanding, and take an active part in conversation wherever they go.

Designed for living

Neuro One facilitates easy, wireless access to television, music players, mobile phones and other popular communication devices. Bluetooth technologies, such as the user-friendly HearIt Media, can send sound directly to the sound processor for a better and clearer listening experience.

The Neuro One System offers:

  • Wireless capabilities

  • Safe choice

  • Comfortable design

  • User-friendly handling

Easy to use and built to last, Neuro One also meets the highest standards for safety, incorporating a number of features that ensure reliability and robustness.

Available in a wide variety of colors, there’s a Neuro One for all tastes and personalities.

Neuro System
Designed for a future of sounds
Meet Karin

“The cochlear implant had a huge impact on my mental well-being. I insist on wearing my sound processor all the time."


Karin, Neuro System user

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