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Time to upgrade to a new sound processor?

Ponto Plus is the most powerful family of wireless bone anchored sound processors available today. It offers new features designed to provide users with wireless opportunities without compromising on power and sound quality.


The Ponto Plus family includes the Ponto Plus and the Ponto Plus Power and offer a range of improvements for users of bone-anchored hearing systems, including:

More power

A new transducer delivering more output in the mid to high frequency range. So you can enjoy more power where it is most needed.

Our most advanced feedback protection system

The Inium feedback shield is designed to give less whistling and fewer artificial sounds. So you can continue to enjoy the world of sounds without worrying how your sound processor will react.


Wireless connectivity without compromises

The Oticon Medical Streamer and ConnectLine accessories allow you to connect Ponto Plus to the widest range of wireless options. All controlled by one device.


Automatic adjustments when things get busy

Hearing is about being able to communicate freely and effortlessly – even in challenging environments, such as crowded restaurants, in situations with background noise or outside on a windy day. All Ponto sound processors have unique features designed to automatically adjust to the situation and the environment you are in so that you do not have to manually adjust your sound processor as you move through changing sound environments throughout the day.

Reliability where it matters

Ponto has been robustly tested and designed to meet the challenges of active lives. The durable and reliable design reduces wind noise and limits water from getting inside the processor. So whatever the situation, it will support your lifestyle.

Furthermore, the metal spring coupling is designed to withstand daily connection and disconnection without impairing sound quality throughout the lifetime of the sound processor.


Flexibility to meet your needs

Where hearing loss and lifestyle are concerned, no two people are alike. That's why Ponto sound processors come in different models that can be customized to fit your personal preferences and lifestyle.

The discreet design of Ponto with dedicated left and right versions blends in without compromising usability. The ergonomically-designed push button makes program selection and muting simple, while the user-friendly battery door makes it easy to change the battery.

Ponto sound processors are available in four different colors to suit your style and personality. Furthermore a range of colourful stickers and skins let you add a personal touch to the sound processor.

Superior sound quality

Ponto is renowned for its sound quality. Read the stories of how the great sound quality helps users to interact with other people, improving communication and leaving them with energy to spare at the end of the day.

Ponto Plus
Never compromise on power & sound quality
Wireless opportunities

One device for wireless communication and entertainment. Get access to the widest range of wireless opportunities without compromising on power and sound quality.

Ponto Plus
Ponto Plus is the most advanced hearing solution, delivering:
More power
Less feedback
Wireless opportunities
in addition to the already well-known features of Ponto
Meet the Ponto users

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