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Order a Ponto processor upgrade

Oticon Medical has just released the next generation of Ponto Processors, the Ponto Plus. Ponto Plus processors are the most powerful family of wireless bone anchored sound processors available today. The Ponto Plus family includes the Ponto Plus and Ponto Plus Power and offers a range of useful new features, including:

A new more powerful transducer

A totally new transducer in the Ponto Plus and Ponto Plus Power has been optimized, giving the Ponto Plus family our strongest transducer yet. The result is a sound with more of the natural level variations of everyday sounds maintained.


Inium feedback shield

The new feedback shield is designed to limit feedback during everyday life through a variety of advanced signal processing, including novel frequency shift.

Wireless connectivity through Oticon Medical Streamer

Users can enjoy new ways of communicating in a wide variety of situations. Simply by controlling one device.

The cost of the Ponto Plus processor does not include any programming or fitting fees. These fees can vary depending on the hearing care provider and Oticon Medical recommends contacting your provider about fitting fees before purchasing a Ponto processor.

Ponto Plus $4300

Ponto Plus is built on the Inium Platform, adding new sound processing abilities such as a feedback shield, a more powerful transducer and wireless connectivity to the already known advanced features of Ponto.

Ponto Plus Power $4500

Ponto Plus Power is the world's most powerful wireless ear level bone conduction processor. Fitting conductive/mixed losses up to and including an average of 55dB HL, the Ponto Plus Power can give more to a wider range of hearing losses.

Oticon Medical Streamer

The Oticon Medical Streamer allows you to connect wirelessly to a variety of communication devices through one simple tool. What's even better, is that a Oticon Medical Streamer is available with a Ponto Plus or Ponto Plus Power upgrade at no extra charge (normally $395).


Ponto Pro $3200

Ponto Pro delivers the advanced features to bone anchored users, designed to provide the best possible hearing, in the most challenging hearing environments. Whenever you move from one listening environment to another, Ponto Pro automatically switches to the best setting to help you focus more easily on speech. This is possible with state of the art sound processing technologies such as Automatic Adaptive Multiband Directionality and Tri-State Noise Reduction.

Ponto Pro Power $3400

Based on the proven RISE sound technology, Ponto Pro Power is equipped with features designed to offer the two benefits that power users report wanting most: Speech understanding and less feedback.

Ordering & payment

Ponto processors may be ordered through your hearing care professional or directly from Oticon Medical. Payment can be made over the phone and by credit card. Most major credit cards are accepted. For further details on paying for your Ponto processor, contact Oticon Medical Ponto User Support at 1-888-277-8014.

For Medicare beneficiaries

Oticon Medical is an accredited Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider for Medicare. If you qualify for the proper Medicare coverage, Oticon Medical can bill Medicare directly on your behalf. Contact our Insurance Support specialist at 1-888-277-8014 to find out further details regarding Medicare and Ponto processor replacements.

Financing available through CareCredit

For patents seeking financing options, Oticon Medical is working with CareCredit, a leader in medical device financing. Visit the CareCredit website at or contact Oticon Medical customer service for more details on how this may help you.

Before ordering a Ponto processor upgrade

Please be aware that because a bone anchored sound processor is a regulated prescription device (Rx) it can only be dispensed by order of a medical professional. If you wish to purchase your Ponto sound processor directly from Oticon Medical we ask you to obtain a prescription from your hearing health provider prior to ordering from Oticon Medical. We will not be able to complete and ship your order unless this prescription has been received at our office.

Once your prescription is received scan and email the signed prescription to or fax it to 1-732-868-6949. The prescription must contain name, address and signature of the prescribing hearing health provider.

Ponto Plus
Better hearing when you need it most
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“I find Ponto Pro very easy to attach and remove, and I find the sound quality clearer and far more detailed.”

Pia Cramer, Controller & Ponto Pro user