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The Ponto soft band

To successfully develop the language skills of children with hearing loss, early stimulation of the inner ear (cochlea) is essential. The Ponto soft band is ideal for children who are either too young to have an implant, or whose hearing problems are temporary. Wearing the sound processor on a soft band is also a good way to evaluate how much the sound processor is helping your child, before deciding to have an implant placed.


A child-friendly soft band

Specifically designed for children who cannot be assisted with conventional hearing aids - or who are too young to have implant surgery - a Ponto sound processor on a soft band is a flexible, convenient alternative.

Soft and child-friendly

Adjustable and elastic, the soft band fits any head size. Even new-born babies can wear it. It comes in six different colors, with a plastic connector for the Ponto sound processor. This can be moved to the optimal position for comfort and hearing. Children who need a processor on both sides can get a special soft band.

Ponto soft band beige  Ponto soft band black Ponto soft band light blue
 Beige  Black  Light blue
Ponto soft band pink Ponto soft band red Ponto soft band dark blue
 Pink  Red  Dark blue

Safe and secure

The soft band can be adjusted from 30-50 cm in length, and has a built-in safety feature which opens if caught on something. The band is both latex and velcro-free, to prevent allergic reactions and skin irritation.

A better way to the optimal hearing experience
Trial Ponto on a soft band

Both children and adults can try Ponto on a test band, head band or soft band before deciding if the solution is right for you. You will be able to try out the processor which will give you an idea of how beneficial it can be in various everyday situations.

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