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A safe and simple process

Getting a bone anchored hearing system is a safe, relatively simple process. Once you, your audiologist and your surgeon have established that this is the best solution, you undergo minor surgery to place a small titanium implant in the bone behind your ear. When the implant has sufficiently merged with your bone, you can begin using the sound processor*. Your audiologist will then customize it to meet your personal needs and preferences.

Treatment evaluation at the Doctor's office

Step 1: Evaluation – is a bone anchored hearing system a good solution for you?

The first step is to get an assessment by your audiologist and surgeon to determine whether a bone anchored hearing system is the right solution for you. Before making a decision you can try out the processor on a testband, headband or softband. This gives you an idea of how beneficial it can be in various everyday situations. You can also get in contact with experienced users to hear their views.


Step 2: Minor surgery

The surgical procedure involves getting a small titanium implant carefully placed in the bone behind your ear. This relatively simple procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and takes less than 10-15 minutes if using the new MIPS surgical technique. In most cases it takes no more than a day or two away from work or school to recover.


Step 3: Healing & osseointegration

Your doctor will teach you how to keep the abutment area clean. You won't be able to attach the sound processor until the implant has merged (osseointegrated) with the bone. Your surgeon will let you know when the implant is stable enough to attach the sound processor. If the patient is a child, or if the bone is thin or soft, this process can take longer.

Step 4: Fitting the sound processor

The final step in the treatment process is to have your sound processor customized to meet your personal needs and preferences. Your audiologist will fit and program it, and tell you about any accessories that might be useful to you.

 * *Fitting of the Ponto system is based on the individual patient evaluation, at the earliest: In Europe, CE countries, 2 weeks; in USA 3 months.


A better way to the optimal hearing experience
Meet the Ponto users

Learn more about different users' experiences with Oticon Medical's Ponto sound processors.

New benefits for you

Imagine being able to hear clearly – perhaps for the first time ever – also in very demanding situations such as restaurants or meetings. Imagine the confidence you stand to gain both professionally and socially – and the extra energy you’ll have at the end of every day. With Ponto you can make it happen!