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Meet the BAHS users

Whenever we ask users of bone anchored hearing solutions to describe what they most desire, they mention three things in particular: speech understanding, sound quality, and design. Ponto sound processors are designed to offer all three benefits – as a number of users can testify.

How people experience Ponto

A number of users were invited to try Oticon Medical's Ponto sound processors. Learn more about their experiences with Ponto Pro Power and Ponto Pro below.

Read testimonials on single-sided deafness

Read testimonials on conductive / mixed hearing loss

Single-sided deafness (SSD)

Meet Ross

Ross, a 43-year-old Pastor, felt he lost part of his personality after suffering a sudden hearing loss. When having had his Ponto Plus, he now feels back to normal.

Meet Ross

Meet Nancy

Nancy was diagnosed with Otosclerosis at age 17, and lost hearing in her left ear. Nancy tried a number of solutions before experiencing success with the Ponto Plus.

Meet Nancy

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca was diagnosed with Acoustic Neuroma in August 2013. After several surgeries, setbacks, and a long insurance battle, she was fitted with a Ponto Plus in early 2015.

Read Rebecca's story

Meet Reuben

A lively 9-year-old with single-sided deafness who relies on his new bone anchored hearing system to keep up in school, talk to friends and beat his brother in computer games.

Read Reuben's story

Meet Kevin Hotaling

A 19-year-old college student who no longer has to position himself strategically to hear people clearly.

Read Kevin's story

Meet Torben Hein Frederiksen

A 55-year-old teacher’s aide who spent five decades living with single-sided deafness before deciding to seek medical help.

Read Torben's story

Meet Chris Mennan

A British man who was diagnosed with single-sided deafness (SSD) in 2000 and now works as a technical officer in Audiology.

Read Chris's story

Meet Bethany Geldmaker

Bethany has single sided deafness and uses a Ponto Plus. Hear her share a real account of how she’s found that the Ponto system fills a void that hearing loss created.

View Bethany's story

Meet Oscar Oliver Nantes

An 8-year-old boy with SSD caused by meningitis - who now has more energy at the end of the day since having the Ponto Pro.

Read Oscar's story

Meet Jim Buter

A 59-year-old sales executive who turned his frustration over his lost hearing in the left ear into advocacy for bone anchored hearing systems.

Read Jim's story

Meet Kris Siwek

A 29-year-old new mom with single-sided deafness who knows that even the tiniest and sweetest sounds are too precious to miss.

Read Kris' story

Ponto Pro user Pia Cramer

Meet Pia Cramer

A 40-year-old controller with single-sided deafness – whose new-found ability to experience life on her deaf side has opened up a whole new world.

Read Pia's story

Ponto Pro user Thomas Soeborg

Meet Thomas Soeborg

A 47-year-old technician with single-sided deafness - who enjoys outdoor life thanks to Ponto Pro's Wind Noise Reduction system.

Read Thomas' story

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Conductive / mixed hearing loss

Meet James

18-year-old James, can now with his Ponto Plus Sound Processors enjoy the wide variety of sounds in his life – from listening to teachers at college to gaming with friends on his Playstation.

Meet James

Meet Jack

A 10-year-old boy with Bilateral Microtia Atresia, who now finds it easier to pay attention in class because of his Ponto Plus sound processors.

Meet Jack

Meet Andrew Perry

14-year-old Andrew was struggling with keeping up with conversations and in school, but was aided with two Ponto sound processors.

Read Andrew's story

Meet Aly Klepper

A 18-year-old student born with Atresia, who thinks choosing Ponto Plus was the best decision she ever made.

Read Aly's story

Meet Amy Mackey

A two-time survivor of cholesteatomas and a Ponto Plus and Oticon Medical Streamer wearer.

Read Amy's story

Meet Liza Orlovskaya

A beautiful and bright 12 year old from Russia who was born with bilateral Microtia and Atresia.

Read Liza's story

Meet Thersia Broodryk

A 45-year-old analyst programmer from South Africa who spent most of her life battling hearing loss until she discovered Ponto.

Read Thersia's story

Meet Robb Boss

A 41-year-old oncology sales rep with unilateral conductive hearing loss – who’s new Ponto Pro means he no longer has to angle for the best seat at the meeting to keep up with the conversation.

View Robb's story

Meet Winslow Pipes

A 7-year-old boy with bilateral conductive hearing loss. Watch how Winslow and his mom talk about their considerations and feelings during the process of getting an implant.

View Winslow's story

Meet Irene Holm-Nielsen

A 76-year-old retired social worker with mixed hearing loss – who’s life quality has been improved since she started using the Ponto System.

Read Irene's story

Meet Justin Bays

A 30-year-old human resources professional who enjoys the sound quality of his Ponto Pro.

Read Justin's story

Meet Peder Soerensen

A 69-year-old farmer with conductive hearing loss - who experiences less feedback problems when singing in the choir and better speech understanding in general with his new Ponto Pro Power.
Read Peder's story

Meet Lone Mindbjerg

A 52-year-old podiatrist and therapist with conductive hearing loss - who understands speech more clearly even in difficult, noisy situations with her new upgraded Ponto Pro.

Read Lone's story

Ponto Pro user Britt Vangsbæk

Meet Britt Vangsbaek

A 50-year-old church verger with conductive hearing loss – who found Ponto Pro’s sound quality to be unlike anything she had ever experienced.

Read Britt's story

Ponto Pro user Bente Carlsen

Meet Bente Carlsen

A 60-year-old schoolteacher with conductive hearing loss - who no longer has to use all her energy when communicating with her students.

Read Bente's story

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Adapting to your needs

Where hearing loss and lifestyle are concerned, no two people are alike. That's why Ponto sound processors can be customized to fit your personal preferences and lifestyle.

Depending on your listening needs
and budget, your audiologist will recommend either Ponto, Ponto Pro, Ponto Pro Power, Ponto Plus or Ponto Plus Power.


Learn more about some of the advanced features:

      • Automatic Adaptive Multiband Directionality
      • Tri-State Noise Reduction
      • Wind Noise Reduction
      • Learning Volume Control
Ask others

If you want to know more about the Ponto System or have any questions related to bone anchored hearing, you are always welcome to visit our Facebook page and ask your question either to Oticon Medical directly or to other bone anchored users.

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