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Caring for your skin and your Ponto

It is very important to take good care of the abutment and the surrounding skin on a daily basis to prevent any build-up of debris around the abutment. Maintaining good hygiene around a child’s abutment is the responsibility of parents or other caregivers. It is also important to keep the Ponto sound processor clean and in good working order.


After surgery

On completing the procedure your surgeon will place a healing cap over the implant site. This cap – together with the dressing and stitches – will be removed at your clinic 10-14 days after surgery, when the soft tissue has healed. If the healing cap should fall off unintended, just gently click it on again.

The healing period

When the healing cap has been removed, your skin may still be very sensitive and you need to treat it gently. When cleaning the abutment, always start by washing your hands, then carefully wipe all the way around the abutment, using a non-alcoholic wet wipe. You will have to wait a while before washing your hair, as the skin should not be exposed to water. When your doctor gives you the go-ahead, it is recommended that you use a skin-friendly shampoo for the first few weeks.


Daily cleaning routine

When your skin has completely healed, it is important to continue your skincare routine to avoid any build-up of debris around the abutment. Both the abutment and the surrounding skin must be thoroughly cleaned as part of a daily hygiene routine.

This process is just as easy as brushing your teeth. Wash the abutment area with warm water every day. You can do this while taking a bath or a shower. After you have cleaned the area, use a cotton swab or a soft cleaning brush to clean gently around and inside the abutment. A mirror might be helpful when cleaning this site.

If you cannot remove the debris, place a piece of gauze soaked in warm water around the abutment for 5-10 minutes. Then clean the abutment with a cotton swab or the soft cleaning brush followed by a non-alcoholic wet wipe. Never scratch the skin around the abutment with anything sharp.


Cleaning every few days

At least twice a week, clean your skin more thoroughly to remove any debris that might have accumulated. A good time to do this is while washing your hair, as during hair washing any debris on the abutment may become softer and is then easier to remove. If a hot hair dryer is used after showering it must not be directed towards the abutment for too long. This is to avoid heating up of the abutment and implant. A cool hair dryer can be used.


Sound processor maintenance

Use a dry cloth or baby-wipe to clean the outside of your sound processor. Be sure to remove any dirt or entangled hair from the coupling.

Important: The sound processor is not waterproof, so you should never use water or liquids to clean it. If the processor should accidentally get wet, open the battery door and let it dry out.

Things to remember

  • Inspect the skin around your abutment every day. If any soreness, redness, irritation or swelling occurs, contact your clinic for advice and potential treatment.
  • When checking your abutment, make sure no hair is caught around it.
  • If you experience any numbness around the abutment, don’t be concerned. This is not uncommon in the period after surgery; this may fall away over time.
  • If for any reason your abutment or implant should become loose, contact your clinic.
  • If you have two implants, you should use two soft cleaning brushes – one for each abutment.
  • All soft cleaning brushes should be replaced every three months and only soft cleaning brushes, like the one supplied, should be used.
The Ponto System
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7 Good habits to develop
  1. Follow a good daily skincare routine to keep the abutment site healthy.
  2. Wash the abutment site with warm water every day, and then clean the abutment using a cotton swab or a soft brush.
  3. When cleaning your abutment, always make sure your hands are clean.
  4. Inspect the skin around your abutment every day to ensure no hair is caught around it, and that the skin looks nice and healthy.
  5. If you experience any soreness, redness, irritation or swelling around the abutment, call your clinic for further advice.
  6. Protect your abutment when applying hair spray/gel or when visiting a hairdresser.
  7. Protect your abutment when participating in activities that may expose it to direct trauma.
Ponto Care Kit
Oticon Medical’s Ponto Care Kit is designed to give patients the very best start after receiving a Ponto implant. It contains the comprehensive Care Guide, plus equipment for maintaining good daily hygiene.
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