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Benefits of bone anchored hearing systems

The Ponto System is designed to address the everyday challenges you face with a loss of hearing – from understanding conversations in crowded situations to coping with outdoor wind noise. In addition, the powerful Ponto Plus family gives you access to the widest range of wireless communication options – without ever compromising on power or sound quality.

Clear and natural sound

Transferring sounds to the inner ear via bone conduction completely bypasses problems in your ear canal or middle ear. Bone anchored hearing systems don't have to use as much amplification as conventional hearing aids, so the sound quality feels more natural.

A comfortable solution

With a bone conduction system the ear canal is kept completely open. This may be more comfortable and less problematic if you suffer from ear infections and irritation. If you are deaf on one side, a bone conduction hearing system can pick up sounds coming from that side and transfer them to your good ear. This makes you more aware of what is happening on that side and can help with difficult situations, such as understanding speech even in noisy environments.

A safe and simple procedure

The surgical procedure to have a bone anchored implant placed is safe and simple. It doesn’t take very long, and there is no risk of damage to your ear or your hearing. More than 150,000 people worldwide have already had the surgery. But if you change your mind at any point, the procedure is reversible and the implant and abutment can be removed.

A better way to the optimal hearing experience