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“I no longer have
to struggle to
keep up”

Irene is a 76-year-old retired social worker with mixed hearing loss - who adores the sound quality of the new Ponto Plus Power and the fact that she can now follow conversations without
feeling exhausted.

Meet Irene

"Getting a Ponto has changed everything"

Oscar is an 8 year-old Ponto Pro user with single-sided deafness – who is energetic, happy and lives a normal life, even in difficult listening situations and enjoys following classes and
playing with friends.

Meet Oscar

"Ponto Pro opened a whole new world of sounds for me"

30-year-old Justin, who was born with microtia/atresia and anotia, appreciates the clarity and automatic adjustments to changing sound environments in his Ponto Pro

Meet Justin

"Deaf in one ear
but now I can
hear my son"

Kris is a 29-year-old mom with single-sided deafness who knows that even the tiniest and sweetest sounds are too precious to miss.

Meet Kris