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A built-in telecoil

The built-in telecoil of the Oticon Medical Streamer gives users additional hearing support in many otherwise challenging situations, such as in theaters, auditoriums, banks and other public places.

For all environments that have a tele loop system, such as those found in many theaters, auditoriums or religious places of worship, a simple push of a button on your Oticon Medical Streamer automatically connects your Ponto Plus to the system. As the telecoil is built into the Oticon Medical Streamer, there's no need to attach an additional device to the sound processor to keep up with what's being said.

The Oticon Medical Streamer and its automatic telecoil function only work with the Ponto Plus and Ponto Plus Power models. All other models require a telecoil pin attached to the sound processor to be able to connect in looped locations.

For more information about the Oticon Medical Streamer and its telecoil function, please talk to your hearing care professional, or contact your local Oticon Medical office.

Instructional videos

Telecoil - How to start/end

Oticon Medical Streamer
For wireless communication
Built-in telecoil

Use tele loops installed in theaters, lecture halls and religious services without plugging any additional device into your sound processor.


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