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Designed for easier conversation with background noise

Straining to keep up with a conversation in a noisy environment can quickly take the fun out of going out. The discreet ConnectLine microphone gives you extra help to enjoy both the atmosphere and the conversation.

For restaurants, lectures and in the car

For one-on-one conversations in crowded noisy places, such as restaurants, the ConnectLine microphone and Oticon Medical Streamer provide a discreet solution. Simply clip the ConnectLine microphone on to the other person and their voice is transmitted straight into your Ponto Plus sound processor.

The ConnectLine microphone can be used at a distance of up to 15 meters*, making it suitable for a variety of purposes. Use it for lectures, or in the car so you don't have to face the other person to be able to have a conversation.

How does it work?

Clip the microphone on to your conversation partner and it will connect wirelessly to your Oticon Medical Streamer and transmit their voice into your sound processor.

Oticon Medical Streamer and the microphone work with the Ponto Plus and Ponto Plus Power sound processors.

For more information, please talk to your hearing care professional, or contact your local Oticon Medical office.

*The Oticon Medical Streamer has a wireless range of up to 15 meters in free line of sight from the microphone.

Instructional videos

CL Microphone and Oticon Medical Streamer – How to pair

CL Microphone – How to wear

CL Microphone and Oticon Medical Streamer – How to use

CL Microphone – How to turn off

Oticon Medical Streamer
For wireless communication
Connectline Microphone

Get speech directly into your sound processor in situations where you want to focus on one person talking.

Wireless opportunities

One device for wireless communication and entertainment. Get access to the widest range of wireless opportunities without compromising on power and sound quality.