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FM functionality with the Oticon Medical Streamer

Connect an FM receiver to the Oticon Medical Streamer to enjoy the functionality of FM, without having to attach the receiver directly to the sound processor.

Many students rely on FM functionality to transmit the teacher's voice in the classroom or lecture hall. Attaching an FM receiver to your Oticon Medical Streamer is the discreet way to enjoy the FM listening experience.

How it works

Plug the FM receiver into the built-in Euro pin socket of the Oticon Medical Streamer to get the FM signal streamed wirelessly to your Ponto Plus sound processor.

The built-in socket offers compatibility with a wide range of universal FM receivers with the Euro pin plug, including the Amigo R2 FM receiver.

The Oticon Medical Streamer with the Euro pin socket can only be used with the Ponto Plus and Ponto Plus Power sound processors. If you use other Ponto sound processors, you need to attach the FM receiver directly to the sound processor. This requires another FM receiver, such as Amigo R2BA.

For more information, please talk to your hearing care professional, or contact your local Oticon Medical office.

Instructional videos

FM (Listening) - How to start/end

Oticon Medical Streamer
For wireless communication
Use our Streamer with FM


Listen to lectures and lessons at school through FM without plugging any additional device directly into your sound processor.