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Use your sound processor
as a headset

Using the Oticon Medical Streamer and its Bluetooth connectivity, you can turn your sound processor into a wireless headset for your Bluetooth cell phone. This makes it easy to make and receive calls.

Improve communication

Cell phones have become a common part of daily life, but for some users it is difficult – sometimes even impossible – to use a cell phone. With the Oticon Medical Streamer, sound is transmitted directly from the cell phone to the Ponto Plus sound processor while the built-in microphone of the Oticon Medical Streamer transmits your side of the conversation. In effect, turning it into a wireless headset.

If you want to focus exclusively on your phone conversation, you can also change the settings on the sound processor so it turns off the sounds around you and only transmits the phone call.

How it works

To answer a call, simply press the phone button on the Oticon Medical Streamer to receive the call through your sound processor. The wireless connectivity with the cell phone leaves your hands free for other tasks while you talk on the phone.

The Oticon Medical Streamer works with the Ponto Plus and Ponto Plus Power sound processors and connects with a wide range of cell phones with built-in Bluetooth.

For more information about the Oticon Medical Streamer, please talk to your hearing care professional, or contact your local Oticon Medical office.

Instructional videos

Cell phone - Pairing

Cell phone - Answering/ending call

Cell phone - Outgoing call


Oticon Medical Streamer
For wireless communication
Oticon Medical Streamer

Communicate hands-free on your cell phone with less interference from surrounding sounds.