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The Ponto System overview

Since its launch in 2009, the Ponto System has been opening the magical world of sound for people with hearing loss. If you suffer conductive or mixed hearing loss caused by e.g. microtia or atresia, the Ponto System can help you enjoy greater speech understanding and more comfortable listening in even the most challenging situations.

A complete solution for lifelong patient outcomes

Using the most efficient method of sound transmission through a direct connection to the bone, also known as Direct Sound Transmission, the Ponto™ bone anchored hearing system gives you powerful hearing performance. Fitting the implant requires only minor surgery and once you connect the sound processor after the surgery*, the resulting premium sound quality will change the way you experience the world around you.

The Ponto System can be used for single-sided deafness or fitted bilaterally on both ears. It consists of three parts: 

  1. A small 3-4 mm titanium implant that sits in the bone behind the ear 
  2. The abutment where the sound processor is attached
  3. The Ponto sound processor 

Proven stability for superior sound

Bone anchored hearing systems have a successful history based on the principle of osseointegration. This is also widely used in other fields, including dentistry, orthopedics, craniofacial and hearing care.

The sound processor provides superior sound quality while the new Ponto BHX Implant ensures the highest level of stability from day one. It’s also possible to use your sound processor with cell phones, TVs and other devices with the Oticon Medical Streamer.

Oticon Medical supplies a full range of abutments, surgical instruments and fitting software to support bone anchored hearing surgery. 

Ponto – Freedom of choice

Deciding to have a bone anchored hearing solution is an important decision. You need to find a bone anchored hearing system that will support you for many years to come and be able to keep up with changes in hearing, as well as technological advances in the industry. That’s why at Oticon Medical, we strongly believe that users and hearing care professionals should always be free to choose whichever bone anchored hearing solution suits their needs. That is why we strive to offer compatibility and universal interfaces.

Freedom to choose is part of Oticon Medical’s “People First” philosophy. We have built our business on putting users’ needs first, and strongly believe that the interface compatibility offered by the Ponto System lets more people access the best sound technology available.  

* In Europe CE countries 2 weeks, in USA 3 months.

Choose Sound.
Choose Ponto.
2 out of 3 prefer Ponto

Independent studies have investigated the performance of the Ponto sound processors compared to equivalent bone anchored sound processors. And the result is clear; two thirds of all respondents prefer Ponto.

Wireless opportunities

One device for wireless communication and entertainment. Get access to the widest range of wireless opportunities without compromising on power and sound quality.

Find out more
See how the Ponto System compares to other systems on the market in the FDA clearance document.