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People with a hearing loss rely on their sound processor to take part in life. At Oticon Medical, our engineers understand this responsibility and have thought through every detail of the Ponto so it won’t let you down.

That’s why Ponto users typically don’t let their hearing loss stand in the way of enjoying all aspects of daily life. They know their Ponto is designed to support an active lifestyle and deliver the high quality sound they rely on, day in and day out.

Dropped, heated and frozen… so you can enjoy your active lifestyle

The Ponto sound processors go through a number of extensive tests so you can be sure they support your active lifestyle. In our testing labs, we subject the processors to the stresses and strains they meet in real life situations. From heat and humidity tests to drop tests, the labs simulate a number of scenarios and tests so the Ponto can meet the highest requirements.


The result is a family of Ponto sound processors that are both durable and robust for everyone – from boisterous children to active adults. In short, everyone who wants to be confident their sound processor won’t let them down.

See how Ponto is tested


Quality you can trust


The Ponto family of sound processors complies with the international standards of quality, safety and reliability. In addition to meeting international standards, we’ve also used feedback from users all over the world to make improvements to the Ponto features. For example, we know users want a long-lasting battery, which is why in Ponto it lasts up to six days. 


We speak your language

Oticon Medical is a global company with representatives all over the world ready to provide you with the local support you need.

Whether that’s the answer to a technical question, advice on accessories or a loan device if your sound processor needs to be repaired, we’re here to help – wherever you are.

Tamper-proof for small fingers

Designing for children means considering their small inquisitive fingers and active games. That’s why the Ponto battery door is tamper proof to keep little fingers out and why the Ponto sound processor comes with a safety line, so if it falls off during a game or activity, it’s not lost forever.

Details like this are appreciated by parents all over the world who want the best hearing for their child, as well as the highest standard of safety.

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Great reliability with Ponto

Louise Savage
Mother of Ponto Plus user Reuben

"For a 10 year old boy who is getting so much benefit every day from his Ponto Plus, reliability is key… He can put it on first thing in the morning and then just forget it's there.

Yes, we take care of it by insisting he uses the safety line but it withstands a lot from a very active boy."


Lyn Kolsteren,
Ponto Plus Power user

I know that on waking, every morning my world of silence will be opened to a world of sound, in particular voices, as soon as my Ponto Plus Power device kicks into life."

User needs matter

Klaus L. Svendsen
VP, R&D at Oticon Medical


"Even though we work with state-of-the-art technology and often at the limit of what’s possible, we repeatedly experience that it’s the small things that make the real difference for our users. That’s why I always encourage our engineers to spend time understanding user needs so they can translate them into concrete requirements and tests"