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Individualized fittings

To achieve the best performance with your bone anchored hearing device, it needs to be carefully fitted by an audiologist. At Oticon Medical, we have a number of tools to help audiologists adjust the sound processor for your exact hearing loss.

Amplification tailored to your hearing loss

Intuitive and easy to use – in a format that feels familiar to audiologists who know Oticon's Genie software, Genie Medical helps the audiologist to fit patients with confidence. It offers dedicated fitting modes and rationales for:

Type of hearing losses
  • Conductive / mixed hearing losses
  • Single-sided deafness
Type of fitting
  • Soft band, head band, test band
  • Abutment

Measuring individual hearing levels

Sounds transmitted via bone conduction are affected by a number of different factors, such as bone density, implant placement and individual hearing loss. The BC in-situ audiometry tool allows audiologists to measure individual bone conduction hearing thresholds directly via the sound processor. The goal is to increase accuracy and reduce the need for fine tuning and verification measurements.

2-stage Feedback Management

All Oticon Medical's Ponto sound processors have had a 2-stage Feedback Management System since 2011.

The first stage takes place during fitting, when the audiologist activates an automatic measurement to define the maximum amplification setting of your sound processor to minimize feedback. The second stage fights feedback in your daily environment using a Dynamic Feedback Cancellation (DFC) system. The Ponto Plus sound processors have an improved DFC system, the Inium feedback shield, which uses a variety of advanced signal processing strategies.

Using data for future adjustments

The Ponto system uses data logging to access valuable information that can be used for future adjustments. This includes usage time, volume control settings, advanced feature activity and program use. Audiologists can access this data and fine tune the sound processor settings to suit your individual usage patterns.

Wireless accessory support

Genie Medical can be used to personalize the settings of a Oticon Medical Streamer and different ConnectLine accessories. For example, audiologists can help users fine tune the listening experience for watching TV or talking on a cell phone. Genie Medical also contains a number of instructional videos on pairing the streamer and installing ConnectLine products.

Verification and technical measurement

The Verification tool and Technical Measurement tool in Genie Medical help the audiologist to objectively measure the sound processor in a variety of settings using the Skull Simulator and Affinity system from Interacoustics.

Power to make a difference
through Genie Medical
Genie Medical options
  • Dedicated fitting modes for people with conductive / mixed hearing loss and single-sided deafness
  • 10-channel frequency response shaping
  • Individual programming of automatic directionality and noise reduction
  • Define up to 4 listening programs
  • On/Off option for program button and volume control.
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