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Superior sound quality

Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that the Ponto System provides the best sound quality in the field of bone anchored hearing systems*. With features that allow users to enjoy more of the everyday sounds, it's easy to understand why.

Sound Quality
75% of users prefer the Ponto sound.

A preference for the Ponto sound

Four scientific studies have investigated sound quality and compared Ponto to other bone anchored sound processors.1,2,3,4

The majority of the studies report the sound quality of Ponto to be better. In the fourth study Ponto came out equal.


Less whistling, fewer artificial sounds

All bone anchored processors aim to provide comfortable, feedback-free sound. That is why all Ponto sound processors come with a 2-stage Feedback Management System.

First, the individual feedback limit is measured in the Feedback Manager during fitting, then the Dynamic Feedback Cancellation (DFC) feature limits feedback during everyday life. Our most advanced hearing solution, Ponto Plus has a new DFC system, Inium feedback shield, with more tools for effective feedback management. Allowing users to enjoy the world of sounds without having to worry about how their sound processor will react.

More everyday sounds

The aim of any sound processor is that the sound you experience should be as close as possible to the original sound. Ponto Plus is the most powerful ear-level bone anchored sound processor in the Ponto family and can therefore reproduce louder sounds. In addition, all Ponto models incorporate the Speech Guard feature to avoid distortion so you can enjoy the multitude of sounds in your daily life.

Wind Noise Reduction makes outdoor life more fun

The great outdoors can seem less great when wind hits the microphones of the sound processor. The Wind Noise Reduction system of the Ponto sound processors aims to combat this problem by automatically adjusting the amplification the instant wind noise is detected.

Smooth transitions between listening environments

One of the biggest challenges for sound engineers is managing changes in listening environments. Thanks to the Tri-state Noise Reduction system, Ponto sound processers are able to identify different audio situations − only speech, only noise or a combination of the two − and make any necessary adjustments to protect speech while reducing background noise. This makes situations, for example where a conversation moves from a quiet car to a busy street, significantly smoother and easier.

Oticon’s RISE and Inium platforms – the very same platforms used in the most sophisticated hearing instruments – have facilitated the introduction of several unique sound processing features in Ponto. These are designed to offer new levels of freedom to users of bone anchored hearing systems.

* Literature review of Ponto sound quality data


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Sound quality and
listening comfort go hand in hand
Never compromise

Ponto Plus is built on the Inium platform – the very same platform used in the most sophisticated hearing instruments of Oticon – delivering a combination of performance, small size and low power consumption. Designed to offer new levels of wireless freedom to users of bone anchored hearing systems without compromising power.

Ponto Plus
Ponto Plus is the most advanced hearing solution, delivering:
More power
Less feedback
Wireless opportunities
in addition to the already well-known features of Ponto