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Reliability created for active living

Active people need durable, reliable devices. That's why Ponto sound processors have a robust design that limits water and dust from entering the processor. No matter how often they are clicked on and off the abutment or how often the controls are being used, Ponto sound processors keep right on going.

Wear resistant coupling

Ponto's strong metal-spring coupling that easily connects to the outside of the abutment, is designed to withstand daily connection and disconnection without impairing sound quality. Tests show that the components remain intact even after three times the wear expected in the product's lifetime.

Transducer protection system

Thanks to a built-in transducer protection system the Ponto sound processors are designed to withstand daily connection and disconnection during life time. This design prevents the connection forces on the coupling from being transferred to the transducer inside the sound processor – a key component of the device.

Nano coating

A special nano coating offers improved resistance against water, moisture and dirt. Ponto sound processors have been awarded IP57 classification – the highest in its class – for resistance against dust and water.*

Smart battery management

This system is designed to optimize performance with all quality batteries - including the new mercury-free zinc air batteries. It also provides a warning well in advance of the battery needing replacement. 

Tested from top to bottom

Ponto sound processors are thoroughly tested with more than 30 different reliability tests - from humidity and drop tests to compatibility tests - all to confirm they support an active lifestyle.

* Please note, Ponto sound processors are not waterproof. Please remove your sound processor while showering or bathing.

Made for living
You can rely on us

We know how important an implantable hearing solution is for all of life’s important moments.

That’s why all our products are tested to ensure they meet the highest requirements of quality and reliability.

Made for living

Ponto sound processors are thoroughly tested to confirm their ability to support an active lifestyle and have earned an IP57 classification - the highest in its class. The IP Code (Ingress Protection Rating) classifies and rates the degrees of protection provided against the amounts of dust and water that would interfere with normal operation.

Reliability tests

“In quality tests the coupling has been subjected to up to three times the wear expected in its five-year lifetime, with the coupling forces remaining virtually unaffected. And in drop tests, where the processor hits a concrete floor from a height of one meter, the mechanics remain completely intact and the electroacoustic performance remains stable.”


Anton Hedström
Director, Product Development