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A well-proven concept

The Ponto System is used by tens of thousands of adults and children around the world. They rely on its high sound quality performance, which has been well-proven in a number of studies1,2,3,4. In fact, this sound performance makes Ponto the preferred choice of sound processor for users.

The Ponto System is based on the proven Brånemark principle of osseointegration. This is the name given to the discovery of titanium’s ability to bond with human bone. For decades this principle has been successfully applied in the fields of dentistry, orthopedics, craniofacial and hearing care.



Ponto: A Direct Sound Transmission system 

 A bone anchored hearing system like Ponto amplifies the natural bone conduction hearing and bypasses the defective outer or middle ear. To get the most out of the system, the part that amplifies the vibrations in the system - the transducer - needs to be in direct contact to bone. Just like Ponto.

In systems where the transducer is held by a headband, softband or a magnet, the skin will have a dampening effect and you lose power, especially in the mid to high frequencies that contain important speech information.

Freedom of choice

All Ponto solutions use established and proven techniques yet they are designed to anticipate future developments. This means you can be confident when choosing a Ponto bone anchored hearing solution that you can upgrade your sound processor without changing the abutment or undergoing further surgery.

Conceived by experts

At Oticon Medical, we are proud to have some of the industry's most experienced product developers. Their collective experience stretches back to the days when the technology behind bone anchored hearing solutions was first established.


2 out of 3 users prefer Ponto

When users had the opportunity to test the performance of two different devices in daily life, the majority chose Ponto.




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A better way to the optimal hearing experience
New implant standards

Oticon Medical just launched a new implant for the Ponto System. It is the result of extensive research over the past years and aims to further improve the anchorage of the Ponto sound processor.

Through a nano structure, the new Ponto BHX Implant matches the natural bone structure and aims to speed up the implant's integration with the bone.