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A new powerful Ponto family

With user needs as our driving force - and the most sophisticated sound technology as our means - Oticon Medical has played a key role in revolutionizing the field of bone anchored hearing care over the past two years.

As part of our ongoing commitment to continue developing this field, this year will see the launch of a number of new products.

  • The NEW Ponto Pro Power gives power users a chance to experience digital sound quality.
  • NEW features in Ponto and Ponto Pro help to further enhance the listening experience.
  • A new version of the Genie Medical fitting software (2011.1) makes fittings even easier.

Ponto Pro Power to empower more people

Covering sensorineural hearing losses up to 55 dB, Ponto Pro Power is the world’s first fully digital, programmable bone anchored power processor.

Equipped with well-proven, Oticon RISE sound processing technologies, Ponto Pro Power is designed to offer the two benefits users report wanting the most: speech intelligibility and less feedback.

This is facilitated through a combination of:

  • Advanced automatic directionality
  • NEW Speech Guard compression system
  • NEW Two-stage Feedback Management

Keep offering more with Ponto & Ponto Pro

At Oticon Medical we understand the importance of putting the needs of professionals and users first. That’s why we keep on improving an already test-winning formula.

New features in Ponto and Ponto Pro – that are also included in Ponto Pro Power – include:

  • The Speech Guard Compression system – designed to produce less distortion than traditional compression systems.
  • The Dynamic Feedback Cancellation (DFC) system – always ready to tackle feedback in the user´s daily environment.
  • A battery management system designed to optimize the performance with all quality batteries. It also provides early warning of the need to replace the battery.
  • A nano coating that offers empowered resistance to water, moisture and dirt for high durability and reliability.
  • A silver-white shell designed to blend in with lighter hair-tone colors.

Power to make a difference – through Genie Medical

Ponto processors place the most advanced signal processing methodologies at your fingertips via the Genie Medical fitting software. The latest version - Genie Medical 2011.1 - offers even more valuable audiological tools.

NEW TOOLS include:

  • BC In-Situ Audiometry increases accuracy and reduces the need for fine tuning and verification measurements by allowing you to measure individual BC thresholds directly via the sound processor.
  • Advanced Feedback Manager automatically measures individual feedback conditions and shapes the maximum gain curve to allow full use of the volume control with less risk of feedback.
  • Dedicated fitting modes and rationales for Single–sided Deafness and for Softband fittings help to optimize the workflow and outcomes for various user groups.
  • The latest version of Genie Medical (2011.1) helps you upgrade earlier versions of Ponto and Ponto Pro with the very latest sound processing features.

A complete and powerful family
WINNER Ponto Pro Power

Ponto Pro Power wins the prestigious IF Produt Design Award 2012 in recognition of outstanding design created with the user in mind.

Empower more people

Empower more people with Ponto – the most powerful family of bone anchored sound processors.

Freedom of Choice

“At Oticon Medical we believe that hearing care professionals and users should have the freedom to choose whichever solution best suits the users' needs at any point in time. The Ponto system offers that freedom.”


Jes Olsen, General Manager